Instabuilder – Building Elite Squeeze Pages

Hey guys I’m here from instabuilder.

instabuilder squeeze page designMany marketers find it essential these days to have landing pages.  Landing pages are basically the marketers bread and butter.  They use it to sell products, gather email leads, or for CPA offers.  No matter what use, it is always essential that they have this.  They tend to be one page(hence the singular noun), and very long.  Well, the length of the sales letter is arbitrary.  Usually reviews are around 500 words, Sale pages tend to run longer, like 3x longer. 

Many things influence how people see landing pages.  If you’re a professional chef and you’re selling a cooking guide, you would want it to be a fancy font to make you look more intelligent and elegant right?  Exactly.  Font is one of the many things that influence how users read and comprehend the sales page.

Layout is a big one.  You need to be organized, otherwise your reader will get confused and leave.  You want to keep them on your page long enough so they can see what you’re trying to market to them, and actually take action.  

Another big thing to me is image placement and Alt tags.  Image placement either consists of a legit imagine that is there for viewing, or an image that has an ORDER NOW text in it.  Either way, always have your alt text contain your keywords.  It is a must for SEO, and greatly increases your rankings.  As for links, I always have images link to my order page and/or my affiliate link.  

There is a lot of software and themes that automate the creation of squeeze pages.  They are mostly for wordpress, although many people pay other people to make them an image landing page.  It’s a text image, although it’s not really text.  They have very good graphics that really attract customers.  

Anyways, Instabuilder is a sick WordPress plugin I got to test because owner needed to select beta testers.  It is truly an awesome plugin.  I got to creating landing pages and squeeze pages within minutes.  I also got to add some nice features that really spruced up the website and increased conversions.  

While using this product, I utilized the Facebook auto-fill opt in.  This literally increased my conversions by about 30% and overall revenue about 10%.  Really great software, and it already paid for itself.

Building landing pages is like a science.  You constantly need to split test, adapt to what the user wants to read, etc.  I am always split testing my offers, tweaking little things, split testing even one little word.  

Another important component of a landing or squeeze page is box art or image art.  I can’t stress enough how much a professional graphic design can help increase conversions.  Would you buy or enter your email from a website that looks like total crap?  I definitely wouldn’t.  I automatically associate poorly designed websites with a poorly designed product, or spam.  It’s only logical, and that’s the way most people think.  That is why I’m constantly striving to increase my landing page efficiency, look, etc.  Check out my review on the tool at instabuilder review